Sylvan Foods

Sylvan Foods
Sylvan Foods is a private label frozen food company providing for businesses, all over North America and Europe. Exporting premium quality pre-cooked frozen food products.

Sylvan Foods is a white label frozen food company dedicated to producing high-quality, healthy products that meet the highest standards of excellence.


With a broad portfolio of globally recognized customers, some of them among the top 5 brands worldwide. Consumers can find Sylvan Foods products at retail stores, restaurants through foodservice distributors and Ecommerce channels.

A new brand, recognized for offering customers a wide variety of frozen foods (mostly vegetables) with the highest quality at a very competitive price.

Sylvan Foods set out to build a distinctive and reliable brand that would differentiate itself in the market. We suggested that by incorporating bright colors, enticing dishes, modern design, and a marketing strategy specifically designed for both large and mid-sized companies, we could effectively reach existing and new demographics, on a broader scale.


Sylvan Foods' website project was about making the user experience fluid, while boosting the brand identity for a food tech company. We worked closely with the client to get a feel for who they're aiming at, what they stand for, and what they're all about. This helped us come up with an inviting, eye-catching design that really draws in potential customers.

Brand Guide

We put together a brand guide for Sylvan Foods that's a complete playbook for their brand identity, making sure everything stays consistent no matter where it shows up. It's applications revolve around the important elements, such as their mission, values, and what makes them different, providing everyone with a clear picture of what makes them stand out in the market, without compromising what we have created.

Applying brand strategy

We really got to know Sylvan Foods inside out through some deep-dive strategy sessions and used what we learned to shape their design story. We refreshed their logo and picked out an energetic color palette to inject some fresh sentiment into a rather bland market. Every part of their revamped brand identity got a touch of their true spirit, making sure it reflected who they really are, an innovative company with industry disrupting ideals. This makeover isn't just about looks, it has defined Sylvan Foods as the best version of itself.