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Rudoy Medical is at the heart of the community, committed to optimal quality care for all patients that come through their doors.


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Rudoy Medical is all about delivering top-notch care and real dedication to all its patients. They've got a friendly team, highly skilled doctors, and the added bonus of televisits, making healthcare more convenient and effective than ever.

We teamed up with them from the very beginning, as their brand was starting to form. They aimed to present themselves as modern and holistic, an innovative approach to healthcare that resonates with today's audience.

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We chose a circle as the centerpiece of our new visual language because it symbolizes continuity and life. It’s the perfect symbol for what Rudoy Medical stands for: ongoing, life-enhancing care that’s always there when you need it. This design not only reflects their commitment to continuous care but also wraps their entire brand ethos in a visual form that’s clean, clear, and immediately recognizable.

For their marketing materials, we carried over the same clean lines and circular themes to ensure a consistent visual identity across all platforms. This consistency helps build a strong, unified brand image that patients can recognize and trust.


In designing the calls to action (CTAs) for Rudoy Medical's physical location and marketing materials, we focused on crafting messages that reflect a results-driven medical practice, emphasizing the positive outcomes and enhanced quality of life that patients experience. These CTAs are carefully worded to evoke feelings of hope and excitement, encouraging patients to take proactive steps towards their health with Rudoy Medical’s support.


Additionally, the visual design of these CTAs uses vibrant colors and dynamic fonts that stand out, drawing the eye and engaging the patients. This visual appeal is intentional, mirroring the energy and optimism that the practice aims to instill in its patients. They communicate a commitment to delivering real results that enhance patients' lives, making them look forward to a healthier, happier future.