Kismera ®


Kismera® is a producer of high-end hair-care products widely used in the salon industry. Their mission is to offer a solution to each person’s hair-care concerns by providing complete curative, hydrating, and restructuring lines. The products are embedded with this mission in mind to help provide everyone with a wide variety of shampoos, conditioners, treatments, lotions, colorants, and more.

Kismera®’s passion and love for hair beauty are why they have created quality hair-care, color, and styling products.


Our journey kicked off with their goal to reel in new customers and tidy up their existing product lines under one cohesive branding umbrella. Taking on this challenge, we whipped up a fresh brand and design frameworks, categorizing each product with visual tags to make them easily recognizable.

This not only cleaned up their look but also made it simple for customers to find what they need.

One of a kind

With the intent of not just making the product look pretty, it was a full-on brand and packaging redesign aimed at making Kismera® more luxurious and refined. By simplifying the packaging and enhancing visual appeal, we've created a more engaging experience for shoppers. Whether they're longtime fans or new to the brand, customers can now easily navigate the product range, spotting exactly what they need at a glance. This streamlined approach boosts customer satisfaction, helps keep them coming back, and drives sales.

Luxurious Inspiration Is The Driving Force Behind Kismera® Redesign

We've polished every detail in the packaging design, making sure everything from the labels to the boxes looks sharp. Our goal is to hit pixel-perfection, creating designs that look great and work smoothly, no matter the shape or size of the package.

"Teaming up with SIGO NY™ on our packaging redesign for Kismera® has been awesome. They totally got what we were aiming for and crafted a design where every detail felt meaningful and inclusive. Their dedication to bringing authentic and diverse designs to life was impressive. The team's professionalism and ability to make us feel comfortable allowed us to bring home our goals on this project."

– Susana De La Cruz
Kismera® CEO