Jaraba is a leading distributor of the stainless steel market in Latin America, distributing architectural and industrial metal alloy parts and equipment.

Jaraba is a top distributor in the stainless steel industry across Latin America, specializing in supplying both architectural and industrial metal alloy components.


For over 24 years, Jaraba has provided direct, precise and efficient advice and products to clients guaranteeing the success of their architectural and industrial projects.

Once we were selected to head this project, we assured Jaraba that we would keep everything clear and simple. Early on, we set out to integrate a unified visual and technical strategy to seamlessly blend different elements across the website. Our UI/UX design efforts concentrated on providing a smooth navigation experience, ensuring that users could quickly and easily locate what they were looking for.

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This project was more than just sprucing up the website, it was about crafting a user-friendly environment that showcases Jaraba's deep knowledge of the stainless steel industry. By improving the interface and simplifying the navigation, we've made it more straightforward for clients to browse products and get a better grasp of what Jaraba offers. This enhancement has naturally led to increased user engagement and greater customer satisfaction.

In a landscape often dominated by repetitive concepts, our project with Jaraba stands out as a beacon of originality, inspiring everyone to create and display their distinct styles and perspectives, by purchasing the products they require to do so.

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When we took on the task of redesigning the UI/UX for Jaraba's website, which boasts a vast array of products, our primary goal was to streamline the user experience to make navigating through their extensive product catalog as intuitive and effortless as possible. We focused on organizing the products into clear, easy-to-understand categories, and implemented advanced search filters to help users find exactly what they need quickly.

The redesign included a visually appealing layout that not only highlights Jaraba’s expertise in the stainless steel industry but also enhances the overall aesthetic of the site.


Additionally, we improved the website’s responsiveness across all devices, ensuring that whether customers are on a phone, tablet, or desktop, the experience remains consistent and smooth. This overhaul was designed not just to attract new visitors but to convert them into long-term clients by providing a satisfying and hassle-free experience.

"Collaborating with SIGO NY™ on our UX/UI design project has been a fantastic experience. They fully grasped our concept and built an environment where everyone could feel included. Their dedication to authenticity and diverse narratives was truly impressive. The comfortable atmosphere they fostered enabled us to genuinely convey our ideas throughout the project."

– Jaraba's