A&S Medical Co.


A&S Medical Co. is a clinical laboratory management company with labs all over New York and globally.


A&S Medical Co. has been in the laboratory industry for over a quarter-century. With over 60+ physicians and reference laboratories, mostly located in the tri-state region, they are respected leaders within their field.

A fascinating dynamic emerged when they chose to revamp their brand identity and develop a website for internal orders. We reinvented the brand with a fresh mix of iconography and monogram stylization, and the mix of bold blues and black provided the brand with a sleek, modern feel.


With A&S Medical, our UX/UI design goes beyond just aesthetics; we're dedicated to enhancing the entire digital experience. Our goal is to develop easy navigation, fluid interactions, and seamless flows, enabling users to accomplish their tasks effortlessly. Close collaboration with our clients is essential to ensure we understand what makes their brand effective and what outcomes they aim for. This approach helps us design experiences that not only capture attention but also increase engagement, improve conversion rates, and fuel business growth.


The A&S website is a real powerhouse with more than 600 products spread across over 30 categories. It's designed to make daily operations a breeze and crank up productivity. Whether you’re browsing, ordering, or just getting some info, everything’s streamlined to help you get your tasks done quicker and more efficiently. This site is all about making work life easier and boosting productivity without breaking a sweat.

We're all about putting users front and center, making sure every part and every interaction is carefully designed to boost usability and keep everyone happy.


In today's world, both process and workflow matter a lot. At A&S Medical, we've mixed a user-friendly design with a smooth ordering process to make sure the user experience is top-notch. With this feature, it helps with drawing in new customers, keeping the regulars coming back with relative content, engaging interfaces, and seamless processing.

Working with SIGO NY™ on our website and branding design for A&S Medical has been fantastic. They really got our vision and created a brand that feels distinctive and innovative. Their commitment to crafting authentic and diverse designs was outstanding. The team's professionalism and their ability for making us feel at ease allowed us to truly convey our thoughts throughout the project.

– A&S Medical's